CEO & Founder

MP Consulting, LLC – CEO & Founder

In 2015, Mitul transitioned to an entrepreneurial path with his own product development company. Though MPC started as a solo operation, Mitul scaled the business to over 55 employees in just 6 years, started an innovation center in India, and has shipped over 25 products.


A Making Company, LLC  – Managing Partner & President

Utilizing his experience in volume manufacturing with over 25 trips to China and 9 trips to Texas (domestic factory support), Mitul knows what it takes to build a manufacturing operation and did just that in 2020 as customers were needing a domestic solution to their manufacturing challenges. In just 18 months, AMC has built over 5,000 products and fulfilled orders direct to consumers, started a reverse logistics operation that can manage refurbishments, and expanded the operation to 3x the floor space from where they started in 2020. 

Mitul Patel is an innovator and leader working tirelessly to bring products to life.  As an engineer with over 15 years of product development experience, Mitul works in the consumer, industrial, medical and automotive product spaces. Mitul graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and went on to get his masters from Illinois Institute of Technology with a concentration in Computer and Electrical Engineering.


Mitul built his product development expertise designing cutting edge cell phones at Motorola and Google. As a member and eventually leader of product development teams, Mitul has traveled worldwide to support manufacturing and production and has acquired a unique understanding of the complete collaboration required between engineering teams, business teams, and supply chain to deliver.  Mitul’s product development mastery spans electrical, mechanical, firmware and volume scale manufacturing. Over a 9 year window, Mitul built up a portfolio of 10 patents personally and has continued his countless contributions to innovation for his clients. 



Dipalo Ventures – Venture Partner

Mitul is a venture partner at Dipalo and helped build a technical audit program called The Residency. This unique VC experience was built to help entrepreneurs through a 6 week curated innovation course led by Mitul and his team. After over 1,300 screen companies, 100’s of audits, the residency process netted 9 investments to date. 


The Aarush M. Patel Foundation – CEO & Chairman

Mitul’s most recent endeavor which started October 2021, involves the best promotion a CEO could ask for: Dad. Unfortunately, Mitul and his family were met with tremendous bad luck and his son, Aarush, did not make it past 38 weeks of pregnancy. Mitul has made it his life’s mission to establish his son’s legacy with an initiative to benefit Maternal Fetal Medicine and Fertility with an intense focus on technology development, data analytics, and worldwide causes. Women’s Health will be the centerpiece for Mitul’s entire operation from MPC, to AMC, Dipalo, and now his son’s namesake foundation.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Brian Greetis

Principal Staff Electrical Engineer Team Lead

Heather Brown

Director of Operations

Vignesh Rajagopal

Senior Firmware Engineer Team Lead

Justin Sumulong

Program Manager Team Lead

Hardik Patel

Operations Manager – India

Mike Spence

Principal Mechanical Lead Program Manager