Durability Testing

Durability testing is a crucial process for ensuring the reliability and longevity of products. This testing evaluates a product’s ability to withstand various environmental and operational conditions, such as temperature changes, humidity, mechanical stress, vibration, shock, and more. It helps manufacturers identify and address design flaws, material weaknesses, or component failures before releasing the product to the market. Durability testing can be conducted on a variety of products, from consumer electronics and appliances to automotive components and industrial equipment.

Our durability testing services are designed to help customers ensure that their products meet or exceed industry standards for durability and reliability. We use a range of testing methods and equipment to simulate real-world conditions and evaluate how products will perform under different stressors. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians can work with you to develop a customized testing plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

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The MPC team has over 100 years of combined product development expertise spanning over 60+ engineers.

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Through collaboration, focus, and extreme precision to detail, the MPC team has successfully completed 50+ projects ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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With hard work comes recognition. A number of MPC projects have received top industry awards for their design and performance.

Durability Testing Services

Are you looking for a trusted product development company that can help you with durability testing services?

Environmental Testing

This type of testing evaluates a product's ability to withstand environmental conditions such as temperature extremes, humidity, and exposure to water or other liquids. We use specialized chambers and equipment to simulate these conditions and monitor how the product responds.

Mechanical Testing

This testing evaluates a product's ability to withstand mechanical stress and strain, including bending, twisting, and impact. We use a range of equipment, including universal testing machines and impact testers, to evaluate how products will perform under these conditions.

Vibration Testing

This type of testing evaluates a product's ability to withstand vibration and shock, which can occur during transportation or operation. We use specialized equipment to simulate these conditions and monitor how the product responds.

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    What does MP Consulting LLC do?

    MP Consulting is an experienced Engineering and Design firm providing turn-key engineering solutions for customers worldwide. With over 100 years of combined product development and execution experience, MPC’s mission is to deliver high quality products for clients.

    What industries does MP Consulting work with?

    MP Consulting LLC works with clients in a variety of industry verticals including medical, automotive, IoT, sanitation, etc.

    What services does MP Consulting LLC offer?

    MP Consulting offer services including: Firmware, App Dev, Mechanical, and Electrical Design, as well as Program Management, Logistics, and Product Assembly / Pack and Ship to fit all customers needs.

    What is the difference between MP Consulting and A Making Company?

    MP Consulting specialized in engineering design services ranging from firmware, electrical, mechanical, app development, ID, and program management. A Making Company is our sister entity and specializes in assembling small-scale builds and prototypes, and offers services for reverse logistics and warehousing. A Making Company and MP Consulting have two separate teams, however, work closely together to deliver the best product to their clients.