One of the first steps in the process is to have our Electrical team do extensive research on raw materials that are available on the market for your product, chip-selection, and gathering all of the required information needed to successfully work on your project.

Identifying Best-Fit Components • Deep Dive Reviews • Optimize User Experience • Completing Certification & Testing Requirements • Guaranteed Production Element Functionality 

With the use of Cadence & Altium E-CAD tools, the MPC Electrical Team can provide detailed outlines of your product beginning with block diagrams, creating a schematic, and ending with the development of a layout. Producing these documents allow for proper representation of each particular function of your electrical product.

Show Components & Interconnection • Represent where things are connected on the PCB • Full break down of PCB elements 

Power Management is an essential piece of every electronics project. Developing a detailed Power Management Plan with our customers allow us to be confident with decisions made throughout the Electrical Design and Development Process and provide full transparency with our clients each step of the way.

 Provide Safe, Reliable, Efficient, and Compliant Product Operation • Electrical Fire and Shock Prevention • Energy Cost Reduction • Maintenance Optimization 

It takes a unique skillset to design, tune, and/or validate antenna or wireless solutions. Luckily, the MPC Electrical team is equipped with a number of engineers who have the skillset to not only complete these tasks, but other essential tasks to your product as well including:

Radiated and Conducted Testing of all RF Paths • Radiated Emissions Screening  • Conducted and Radiated Efficiency Measurements • Cellular Modern Validation Without Carrier Approvals (CMW500)

Achieving robust acoustic solution requires a specific environment to test in and MPC has invested in this so that you don’t have to. With our state-of-the-art fully anechoic, walk in chamber, we are able to provide the necessary environment to perform the any of the following tests on your product:

Raw Acoustics (Competitive benchmarking, raw speaker analysis, microphone performance) • In Product Services (Speaker porting simulations and validation, microphone porting and testing) • Voice Command Tuning and Program Management (Partnerships with industry leading services) • DSP Integration and Algorithms / Firmware

Certification and testing are a complex and critical piece of the product development process. For every Electrical project MPC works on, all appropriate testing will be completed to ensure your product is not affected by external disturbances, noise, radiation, voltage drops, etc.

EMI • ESD • EMC • EFT • Magnetic Field Testing • Voltage Drop Testing • Surge Immunity Testing • Conducted Immunity Testing • Radiated Immunity Testing