While your actual product is an essential piece of the Product Development Process, creating a plan to bring your product to the market is just as important. The MPC Program Management Team can provide a wide variety of services to assist with this process while also doing it in the most cost effective way. Some of our services include:

Financial Forecasting • Inventory Optimization • Merchandise Planning • Pricing Analysis • Promotional Activity Analysis • Competitor Analysis • New Market Product Launch Support

Leadership Operations can be a new concept to an Entrepreneur. Navigating through these tasks can be challenging and the MPC team wants to help. Whether it be product specific with Prototype/Product planning or Supplier Relations, our experienced team is ready to dive in and collaborate to set you and your product up for success.

Product Refinement • Commodity Management • Supplier Relations • Prototype / Product Scheduling • Staffing Planning • ODM / JDM / EMS Partnerships • Budgeting • Concept Pitch Decks • RACI Charts

With over 100 vendors and suppliers all around the globe, our team is able to explore a large pool of material options and provide the best fit for your product and what you are looking for. Aside from material sourcing, the Program Management Team can also provide assistance with creating Test Plans and maintaining your product’s BOM.

BOM Management • Procurement • Cost Reduction • Direct EMS Support • Assembly Defect Reduction • Production Line Optimization • Full Factory Test Plan • Local and International Prototyping

The Product Development Life Cycle

The MPC Program Management Team is here to assist from start to finish throughout the entire development life cycle of your product. Your input matters to our team! Providing close collaboration and transparency during this process allows for a great customer relationship to be built along the way.