Client: Proxfinity

Category: Wearables

Date: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

ResCUE is a smart badge created by Proxfinity that uses back end exposure logging software to track and quantify a number of different data elements. These data elements are used to ensure workplace safety and to help companies prevent the spread of Covid-19.

ResCUE requires no cell signal or constant wifi to operate, it simply registers badge-to-badge and records the data on the corresponding back end software.

When Covid-19 arrived, Proxfinity decided to shift focus. Contract tracing became an even more valuable tool in order to assist with the minimization of virus spreading and ResCUE badges were the perfect product.

ResCUE allows Proxfinity to help companies provide safe environments for their employees by producing real-time, insightful data and make safe decisions while in the workplace.

The MPC team was excited to assist Proxfinity with our mechanical, electrial, firmware, and manufacturing expertise to bring the ResCUE smart badge to the market, especially during this critical time.