Tango Belt

Client: Tango – An ActiveProtective Brand

Category: Wearables

Date: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

MPC had the great opportunity of working on The Tango Hip Protection Belt from a Electrical and Firmware stand point. The Tango Belt is a wearable that works to improve the safety of those who use it. This product provide seniors with the reassurance needed to continue living an active life style.

The Tango Belt automatically senses when a serious hip-impact fall is about to occur and deploys airbags to provide a less intense fall and reduce impact force.

The mobile app sends alerts to caregivers of the Tango Belt when a fall has taken place. A number of other features can be found on the app as well including: Daily wear time, compliance, balance confidence, etc.

Tango Belt was also announced Winner of the 2019 Extreme Tech Challenge.