Ovie SmartTag

Client: Ovie

Category: Smart HomeĀ 

Date: 2017

Ovie Smarterware is the world’s first smart food storage system that gives their customers the ability to keep track of their leftovers with the hope to lessen the amount of food in the fridge that gets wasted. The MPC team jumped at the opportunity to provide our Electrical expertise to assist with the success of this product.

The SmartTag is a removable, waterproof device that has a light ring that indicates the current state of your food. This SmartTag pairs with Alexa making it fast and easy to record what is being saved. Once saved using Alexa, the item will show up on the Ovie app and can be viewed from anywhere.

Notifications from the app can be sent to a users phone, reminding them of the food they have in their fridge once a day at the designated time they choose. The app also provides a fridge overview where all items with a SmartTag can be viewed as well as a recipe search function.