Client: Pluie

Category: Sanitization 

Date: March 2020- Present

From Mechanical to Manufacturing and everything in between, the MPC team has assisted the Founders of Pluie to help bring the first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table on the market.

Using a patent-pending UV-C light system, this product aims to provide a safer and more sterile experience for both children and their guardians.

A blue LED light located at the bottom of the table indicates when the sanitization process is taking place and shuts off automatically when opened at any time during this process. Two UV-C light bulbs located behind a protection panel break down and kill bacteria during this sanitization process, resulting in a cleaner cushion for the child to be placed on.

The Pluie diaper changing table also includes a water-resistant and leakproof plush cushion, retractable security strap, and multipurpose handles that can be used for bags, purses, etc.